What Did I Come Here For?

I think we all can relate to that question, “What Did I Come Here For?”  We might be doing something in one room and then we go to another room and forget what we came into that room for.  I know since we got this 3 bedroom trailer house, I do this quite frequently.  I like to save on steps, so when I’m in one room, I might find some thing in that room that needs to go to another room.  While I’m in the “other” room, I might as well do some thing in there, but when I get into the “other” room, I forget why I am there!!  Often times I have some thing that I should do in one room, but there is something that should be done in the room “before” I get to that room.


I always contributed my forgetfulness to multi-tasking.  In every job that I ever had, I always multi tasked.  As a single parent, I was always multitasking.  But seems like now, instead of getting a lot done by multitasking, I only get a lot started and never finished because I forget what I started out doing originally.  But there are some studies that are being done from the University of Notre Dame.  It seems that maybe the forgetfulness is caused by doorways we walk through.  The doorway has the effect of an event boundary.  Maybe we associate the doorway as a door and what you can’t see, you forget.


So, when you are doing something and you walk through a doorway and you forget what you came in there for, blame it on the doorway!! 😉  Source of information found here http://news.nd.edu/news/27476-walking-through-doorways-causes-forgetting-new-research-shows/




photo courtesy of pixabay


  1. Vinaya

    Compared to men women are good at multitasking. I am no good with multitasking. This is something I have been trying to learn since a long time.

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