What do you Know about Spain? Typical Topics about my Country.

Well, the tittle of this post… Maybe that’s the same is if you, the reader, asked me: What do you know about France, or India, or US… I guess I’d start with the typical topics…

So, let me tell you about Spain, better, about what’s not Spain…

  1. Spain is not sun. I live in the North of Spain and, believe me, our winter may last some 9 months… Then 1 month for Spring, another one for Fall, and the rest, a mixture of Spring and Summer (90/10). Of course, if you want to assure a sunny summer, go to the South of Spain! J
  2. Most of the population, as far as I know, don’t like bull fighting.
  3. Our gastronomy is very different. I mean, it all depends on the region you are. Every region has its own gastronomy. The list of different dishes would be endless (I have to talk about this one day!)
  4. We, Spanish people, are not dressed as “toreros” or “bailaoras”! This is a typical topic!
  5. I can’t dance or sing “flamenco”. In fact, I wish I could, but… I love “sevillanas”, but I haven’t go the rhythm! L And, not everybody can do that. More, if we are talking about people from the North of Spain… “nada” (“nothing”)!

Well, those are just some few points. Anyway, have you ever heard about any “Typical topic” about Spain? If so, please, share it with us!



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