Religion and the Family: What Do You Look for in a Church?

When we moved back home to Kansas, we looked and looked for a church. It took a while but finally found one that the littler boys and I liked. It had Sunday School and then it had Jr. Church, two of the things we looked for. My older son wouldn’t go because the church didn’t have a youth group. My husband went for awhile but then quit, because it isn’t what he is looking for.

My older son was attending a church that had a youth group. Now we have more youth and our church is going to start a youth group. But he now refuses to go to that church at all.

I have at times thought about leaving to a different church. But each time that I think about going elsewhere, God tells me to stay put. Now, one of the younger boys is asking to go to a different church. But I feel uncomfortable when I go to a different one. I can hear and feel God ask me, “why arent you at the church I told you to go to?”

What would the ones of you that go to church do in this situation? I really want us all to go to church together.


  1. Kyla Matton Osborne

    It’s a tough question! I think sometimes you just have to let each family member try to find the right fit for them. You may want to make a compromise by visiting one another’s churches from time to time.

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