What Does Criticism Do For You!

What Does Criticism Do For You!

What Is Criticism?

The way I put it is, ”Fault finding with an aim of opposing you and your actions is what I call criticism.” The world in which we live is full of these. World famous scholars were faced with very many critics. Every action was evaluated and commented upon. Who is far from being criticized?


The negativity that can be brought with Criticism!

It can create anger and enmity. Many killings and murders can be brought by being criticized. Many have turned into hopeless people and drunkards due to such. Marriages have been broken and people sacked from offices and workplaces. Much mediocre work has been done by having critics always on your toes.


What Criticism Should Make of You?

  • Criticism should be the drive that should push you forward. It should compel you to work more hard and disprove your critics.
  • It should make you into a better person. A person who is beyond being stopped. It should make you into a person with a strong engine that is never stopped nor controlled.
  • It should cultivate your manners. One should never answer to criticism. If he is right then many criticisms will never change it. Likewise if wrong then nothing may correct it too. Yet you can change your tactics.
  • Criticisms should build you. It built many world leaders like Sir Winston Churchill.
  • Move on.


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  1. Shavkat

    Criticism is a part of being a better person and enhance one’s skills. If it is not a constructive criticism, I will not accept it.

  2. Kyla Matton Osborne

    It’s interesting that you focus on the art of dealing with criticism. I think it’s rare these days to see such an approach. Most today would instead look at the art of giving constructive criticism.

  3. Pat Z Anthony

    If the criticism is well intended, it can be helpful. Those who criticize because they are an unhappy person offer no help to those being criticized. If we can offer a solution to those we criticize so they can make a change, it can be a good thing.

  4. @stbrians meshack bwoyele keya Post author

    Constructive criticism is good but the one receiving may not take it as such. Even people may take compliments like criticism @ruby3881 . A good example is when you tell somebody that they look smart today. They may retort that on other days they are not smart

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