Usernames Will Live On Forever!

Usernames Will Live On Forever!

What Is Your Username?

It is not that I do not know your username. No, I know it. I have used it too many times not to know it. I happen to know your full names too. We are friends either on Facebook or Twitter. How did you get the username?


Sites Come and Go!

Many sites have come and gone. We were on them together. We cried and laughed together. Your shoulder was mine to lean on. The delight you got when money dropped into your Paypal account was mine too. That username was ours. We are positive that this time in BlogBourne, we are bonded for life.


Usernames have become our logo. They are our brand name and an introduction to the world. You associate with your username and I do associate with it too. @shohana, @ruby3881, @stbrians, @iwrite, @chrisbernal, @stranger, @abdriaperry, @marie42, @khievvattana, @raaman just to name a few. My delight is associating with you. You are like family. The bond that these usernames create will live forever and ever. God should continue blessing you and abinding with you always.


If You Were To Change!

If you were to change anything then do not make it your username. That is because your username is you.           image-pixabay


  1. IcyBC

    I have used IcyBC for as long as I can remember, but recently change to a new one to a few other sites that I am on, like a fresh start, I think!

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