What Electronic Gadgets Do You Have?

There are so many new gadgets around. Laptops, Ipads, desktops, tablets, Iphones, android cellphones, regular cellphones and phablets, a tablet that is also a phone. Regular size, small, thin and extra large. So many to choose from and sometimes you have no idea which one.

For those into hi-tech will be always watching out for the new updated gadgets. Sometimes it seems that there are only a little difference between the gadgets yet they want the higher end.

For me I only choose the ones that are easy to use and for convenience only. I may have a laptop, cellphone and a tablet but they were given to me; the laptop from my brothers, the tablet from my daughter and the cellphone/s from plans or contracts from different servers : Sun, Globe or Smart. After 2 years the cellphone is yours and then when you renew you get another cellphone.

At my age and poor eyesight I use the laptop (wide screen hehe) for blogging, checking out social media sites, posting pictures and activities. It is easier to use . My cellphone is mostly used for texting and calling. I only use it to check social media sites when I do not have my laptop or when I am out traveling. I do not like to use it for posting because the keypads are small and my fingers are too big. But ever since I have joined an online earning site for mobile only, I am forced to use it often.

Now a tablet, especially if it is at least with a 7 inch screen, is the next best thing to a laptop. The screen is bigger and the keypads a bit bigger. Good thing I enrolled the mobile app on both my tablet and cellphone. A cellphone and tablet are easier to carry around.

So for me the gadgets are for necessity only. To be able to contact people thru social media, contact friends and relative. To keep up with the latest news and for online earning. I don’t play games on them that require high specs. Only those Facebook games or simple games to relax. I also watch movies or series.

I am very grateful for these electronic gadget because it makes the distance easier to handle. I can Skype and chat with my daughter who is far away from me. The only problem is I can not hug her physically. But then it is better than years before when we can only call and write letters which takes weeks to get.

So, yes I use all the gadgets and they do make my life easier. What about you?


  1. Ceci

    Agree with you, the gadget made our life easier, but have to make sure that me won’t be addict to the gadget, hehe!

  2. Daisy Post author

    yes they are all useful and use for necessity no need to really get the high end one or the very expensive coz when it gets broken or stolen we will get very sad… 🙁

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