What happens when we die?

When I was little kid I was a bit disturbed with the idea of being ‘no more’. No child is comfortable with the idea of dying and I still have to find an adult human being who feels it is okay. But, we can’t do anything about it. We can’t prevent aging, getting old, ill or eventually dying. It is a normal, natural course of the human expiration date. Or it is not, maybe?


Well, recently the scientists actually determined that if we were capable living only based on our nervous system we would be able to live forever. That is if we somehow prevent hereditary deterioration of the nerve cells, problem of the oxygenation and food supply for the same system. But, unfortunately we are made of the body that rots and ages, completed with the whole set of the complicated tissues and organs.
So, like any other kid I turn to my mother to explain me what will happen when we die. Unfortunately she share an answer that was inconclusive and full of doubts, so my search begun – mostly trying to convince myself that there is no fear as it has to be something quite natural. Still, what happens after we die is a big mystery and nobody can explain it.  If the death is so natural and the afterlife follows as explained in the various religions – why we all fear death?


  1. Gina

    Perhaps the biggest fear for me is the suffering many people go through in the period leading up to death.

    1. Your Seldom Majesty Post author

      Yes this is the most terrifying thing for many people, either ill or who ever is bound to serve the ill.

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