What He Likes: Relationship or Money?

I have this very good friend who always come to me if problem time. You know we must not turn our back to our friend even we always say the same advise to our friend.

Last year, her ex met her in a mall after 5 years. She said that, when they met, after 5 years of separation, it seems that the gap was gone and they are with each other again. She became happy and forgetting me for some times. I may say, a year. Last Friday, she called me and she like to have a talk about her boyfriend. Let’s name her Melody and her boyfriend Eric.

Eric called her last week and asked to meet her. He kept on asking her to give his allowance. That allowance, i learned that she is giving him 50$ per month because he is unemployed. Anyway, what can an African man can do in this country but to rely on his girlfriend. Well, they are in a relationship, so as a woman she can help him. The sad thing is not the allowance.

My friend really like to make him stable. They agreed to have their own business. So, she had a loan and established a business. She hoped that he doing the business, he will not asked her any money but to her dismay, for two months of business (Dishwashing selling and delivery is the business) he didnt gain anything so she thinks that he didnt do it. He has many explanation that the so-called business partner who are helping and guiding him about the business is still the one who do it and he is the trainee. He will sell his own when the man left to his country.

That means, he cannot sell anything yet because the other man, who train him is the one selling it. So where is the 25,000 pesos she gave to him. Accordingly, its the business money. It’s like a membership. Once the trainor left for Ghana, her bf will be the one to do it. So, since the first man is still here, my friend will continue giving him allowance.

The problem, because of the loan, she has no money left for her or for this ungrateful man. If she started to explain to him, he don’t want to listen and last Friday, he ended up the relationship because she cant give his allowance. If you are in her shoes, what can you say about this relationship? I think he is only after with the money he can get from her than a relationship. What you think guys?


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  1. grace

    There must have been some agreement between them that she would give him his allowance. Why did she ever have a relationship with a pauper? One cannot live on love and fresh air.

  2. Shavkat

    Well, it is not good for a woman to give money to a man. It should be the other way around. I am not being so traditional. In respect to women’s rights, I tend to wave up the flags for them. I am not sure what type is the relationship. She needs to be vigilant in everyhting.

  3. Cris Bernal Post author

    She told me that the man told him that she must give her allowance till the time, he establish the business, i mean when the business become stable and he get profit that she stop giving him allowance. I think she like helping him but last time she was fed up cos no money left for herself. Then the man just cut the call and threaten her that he will find his own way to find money (that is, he will get some money to other women who are always calling him). At the moment, she told me that he never contact her till now. I think, he is only after the money. I pity her. I still encouraged her to move on and be strong.

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