What I Need is a Little Time from You my Sweetheart

Love is about time. It is not about the money we can spend when we are together but it is the precious time we will spend together while chatting and laughing on stupid things. Love is not about the plans and the dreams that you are sewing but it is the precious time we will spend together as we cuddle and I am holding your hands then smelling you my dear sweetheart. I know you are rushing to success because you are a failure before and I am here to lift you up and with the help of the Almighty God you will succeed. I always pray for your success but don’t use it as an excuse of not giving me your precious time.

What is a three hours being with me if it makes me continue loving you and wanting you more. What is this time if it makes me excited on being together but you said what is it being in the house, talking and doing nothing. Can I get something from it?

It hurts me a lot. So, it means that what makes me happy doesn’t make you happy? I love you so much that every thing that you are asking and I give it the best of my capability. If you are asking something I give for your happiness and for help so that you cannot feel failed and insecure. I build confidence in you when I accept you after all what has happened between us. I forgive everything and I continue to dream with you and help you out to find your way back again.

But don’t use this business of yours as a hindrance to my little happiness of having you one afternoon of the whole week. I know we are all busy on our own work but I choose Saturday Afternoon as our day to be together. It is not about sex nor about anything else but a time for us to be together. Is it hard to understand? If we have a afternoon of being together, I know my heart will be full and my mind will be stable.

You are saying, you are ding business for our future so that the future will be bright. I know that fact because I am doing mine too. We must spend sometimes together to feel our love and continuity of it. What is the future if its dim today as I question your realibility on me?

What is the future if tomorrow I am dead? If you have no time now that you are not yet successful then you have no time to spend (half a day I am asking only) for me in the future for future successful people has too much to work for. Then what is my use to you? Giver? Supplier of needs? Then if you feel sexy, ask me to come and perform it?

I am human and is needing true love. Not sex but a precious time. It’s not about immaturity for a woman like me who ask a precious time from the man she loves. Relationship will go on smoothly if both have time together despite the business of their lives.

I don’t want to come up the time that I am looking for someone who will give me time. I will stop this relationship if you will not change. I am telling you. It is better to be alone not like this that I am like a stupid woman and begging for your time.

Love needs to get returns. I like your time for me on a weekend Saturday afternoon. Just to be together. Seeing you sitting beside me while I am holding your hands and we talk stupid things like before when we are talking about those women who are begging for your attention while you are staying with me. You leave me doing your own business and I am like those women begging for your time. If this is the case, it is time to set ourselves free.

I hate begging for attention and time. it pains me and makes me feel stupid and unimportant. I am giving our relationship a month to change but if you will tell me that you are doing your business for our future but don’t give me three hours every weekend, then the same thing will be happen in the future. It is better for me to leave and live alone without you.


photo credit: Pixabay.com


  1. Pat Z Anthony

    Time is one of the most important things we have to offer to others. Giving our time to others is always more important than money or anything else a person has to offer.

    1. Gil Camporazo

      I agree with you. There should be a time for everything. As what the Bible says, a time for joy, a time to cry. Let’s not forget that we are human. We are vulnerable for pain. We need something to cling into. We need someone’s time to hear us, to take care of us. God has given us time to talk to Him and that is a time to pray to Him. But most people don’t have time for that.

  2. Gil Camporazo

    Communication is one of the secrets I have to last my marriage for 44 faithful years. We solve our marital problems by talking it over and resolving right away. We never leave for a long time.

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