What Is The Cause Of Unrest In Schools?



What Is The Cause Of Unrest In Schools?

What can be the most likely cause of unrest in secondary school going students? Students in my country Kenya have gone on rampage and are burning their dormitories. It is not a case of one school but the number has risen to over a hundred.



The Education Minister is worried and has no solution for these. The cabinet is worried too.

The students have burnt down dormitories and destroyed property worth millions of money. What is the most likely cause of unrest in schools?


Parents are in dilemma!bed-1298903__180

Who will pay for the destruction? Of late Alshabaab have entered into our schools. Might it be the cause?

What is the cause of unrest in our schools?


Without dormitories they cannot be in school. Do they have a future?

What will happen to our country?

Specialists should help. What is the cause of unrest in our children?

Is there remedy? Do we have light at the end of the tunnel? Help! Our schools need help. Our children and students need help. How are we to help them and our country? We need help from any person who can provide it.


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  1. Vinaya

    The unrest is a result of not understanding the young mind. Young people are rebellious by nature.

  2. Gil Camporazo

    This is my personal exposition why did those students became violent and vandalized school properties. They were dramatizing their unexpressed demands which I think the school management was unable to meet or provide for them.

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