What Is The Most Embarassing Experience of Your Life?

We have all been bombarded by an embarassing experience in our lives. Sometimes the embarassment is extreme that you wish the ground to open and swallow you alive. Yet wishes are not horses. Otherwise if they were then beggars will go riding in the streets. So, you had just to cope up with the embarassment.

A wife called her husband from work that she had a surprise for him. He hurriedly jumped into his car and literally flew to his home. No sooner had he packed than his wife appeared. What! She had a blindfold and went ahead to blindfold him after a long kiss. She walked him to the sitting room. On arriving in the room, she remembered something and suddenly warned him not to move nor remove the blindfold; she disappeared into the kitchen.

The husband remained standing. He had gobbled down the sausage he found in the office. It tasted stale but he had forced it down with a glass of water. Now it was having its toll on his stomach. He felt like passing wind an action he was busy trying to surpress. Yet the f*rt came out. It was a loud one. Another one came and he let it out. The stench was unbearable. But soon it subsided.

Now relieved, he braced for the surprise from the wife. Why was she taking too long. At last she came and apologised for the inconvinience.

“Surprise ” she said as she removed the blindfold.

Seated in the room were his in-laws including both parents of the wife, area member of parliament and county governor.

He fainted.

Back when I was  a newly posted young primary teacher, I put up in the same house with the headteacher. He knew me as an honest person and entrusted many things undet my care.

One day he brought in art and craft items as I was busy reading a Sydney Sheldon paperback. No sooner had the principal and his entourage left than an old lady came begging for a scarf through the window. I gave him.

Suddenly the principal came and demanded the scarf. I denied vehemently to have even espied it. I have been busy reading. Then the woman was brought in with the scarf. What an embarassing experience!

Have you ever been caught up in such an embarassing experience? What was your course of action?


Featured image by Ben_kerckx/pixabay/ CCO


  1. Pat Z Anthony

    The only thing that comes to mind is wearing a coat (as a teenager) that still had the price tag on the back. Funny to me now, but I did not laugh when someone pointed out the tag to me then!

  2. Gina M. Menorca

    My embarrassing experience was when I was high school attending our “Misa de Gallo”( a traditional mass novena before christmas at four in the morning.) I absently wear my dress inside out and I was smiling to all the people that stares at me. No one tells me about my dress until I got home. So embarrassing after the incident I did not go to mass.

  3. Gil Camporazo

    What an embarrassing moment indeed for the hubby right before the very eyes of their visitors! If I were him, I would also faint. I would really be losing my face just the turtle hiding its face inside its shell.

  4. Jo Pin

    My most embarrassing moment was during my wedding day. My ex’s mother had a sudden episode in the middle of the ceremony. She started screaming and breaking wine glasses. It was only then I was told that she has a bipolar disorder. Some guests ran away as if there was a sniffer running hammock in the garden.

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