What is the Purpose of Blogging?

In your own words, what is blogging? Blogging is a discussion or sharing your experience through World Wide Web and in chronological order, which the latest entry will appear on the first lists. I started blogging year 2007 and that is with the help of some of my friends at Mylot. My first free blogsite is Blogger.com. It was the easiest for me and it provides tutorials on how I could start blogging. The rest is history after that. 

Since then, I did not stop blogging. Though I did not continue blogging on my own blogging site, I tried and continued working on revenue sharing site. I have been through a lot of revenue sharing blogging site and my latest is this site, Blogbourne. 

What do you think the reason why some people blog? 

What is the purpose of blog?

We all have reason why we blog. Some people just want to share their stories, like those who do a Travel blog. Some wants to share their reviews, which you see on some Food bloggers, cosmetic review blog, product review blog etc. Some just wants to share their life to the world. Someone blogs because they can earn from it, either from a blogging site or monetizing the blog site.

Blogging serves as impression of someone’s identity. It is like having a tattoo. For me, it is really expressing yourself and your identity. It makes other people knows who you are. Like for me, most of my friends know that I love pets and I am an animal advocate. They happened to know it through my blogs. 

In blogging, you can meet a lot of people doing the same. You can meet different people, learned about their cultures and belief, learn the difference of you and them, and you can even travel in different parts of the world just by reading a blog. It is something magical. It is something deep. Blogging is a work of art combine with passion. A skill that could be learned and loved. A skill that could develop and can get you anywhere you want. 

Having to blog is a privilege and I will never stop doing what I love. 

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  1. grace

    I blog because I do not have real contacts that are interested in my different passions. Here I have so many who like reading about them.

  2. BrendaMarieFluhartyClapp

    I have always loved to write and blogging started as a way of sharing my poetry with the world. Over time, blogging and has become a way for me to share my knowledge and wisdom with e would. I am a Reiki Grand Master. Many people have no idea what that even is. I am a very spiritual person and I have studied many things over my lifetime. So, I share my wisdom and knowledge of all that I have learned.

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