What Is The Remedy For Bedwetting In Children?


What Is The Remedy For Bedwetting In Children?

They wet their beds at night and wake up drizzling wet. What remedy can you give to these bedwetting children?


Can beating up the child help them to stop the bad habit of bedwetting? How hard can you beat them to get the desired effect? A neighbor hit one of his children so bad that he maimed him. The boy did not stop the habit. Give us the remedy for bedwetting children.


There is a story in my community that you tie a dead snake around his waist. Where will you get all these snakes to tie around all these bedwetting children? Is that the remedy? If you do the killing of the snakes, it will amount to violation against the animals. What is the remedy for bedwetting children?


Why do children wet their beds? Maybe it is due to the body becoming loose during the night and the children cannot control themselves. It might be due to the fact that they are not secure in the home. Maybe it is a psychological case. What remedy can you give to bedwetting children? Tell me? Is there really any remedy for children who are bed wetting? What did you do with yours?



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