What Is This Feeling One Gets After Winning In Competitions?

What is This Feeling One Gets After Winning In Competitions?

Winning in competitions is normally met with mixed feelings. As much as you are full of excitement and triumph, there is usually a nudging somewhere that is hard to explain. The trophy sounds as something to be treasured and honored. Yet, at the back of the mind, you may wonder if it was all worth it. There are many people who have won the Olympics or even the Oscar award, yet apart from the monetary reward, the trophies have only become useless souvenirs that collect dust in their cabinets.


Winning in Competitions May Bring About Doubt

Apart from wondering whether it was worth all the energy, one may wonder if they were worthy of the accolades. You may doubt whether you were just given the winning on a silver platter. It is a common law, however, that the judges’ ruling is final. You may even wonder whether there was enough competition to make you win.


There is Much Excitement and Jubilation Upon Winning in Competitions

Winning in competitions may bring a mood of excitement and jubilation. You seem to be the only one that matters. One must know that all who enter into a competition are worthy. It is only that someone has to come first – followed by a runner-up and second runner-up. It goes without saying, however, that all are winners because without serious competition, then nobody will emerge the winner.


Winning in Competitions May Bring about Boasting

Some people become very boastful when they win in competitions. They should realize that it is not upon might and power that they win. It all goes with some strong will power from above. Acknowledging this should make you modest and full of humility. You should realize that God could have made another person win instead of you. It is like undeserved merit. Boasting then should be avoided.


Winning In Competitions May Bring Out a Feeling of Wonder and Awe

It is a wonder to win because competitions are tough events. It is a matter of survival of the fittest. One who wins might not really be the fittest – but perhaps one who worked smart. The fittest might fail and the feeble get the award. It is something that may fill one with awe. You may ask yourself, “How did I really win? What did I do to deserve all this?” It goes without saying that you won and you are the winner.


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  1. Tania K Cowling

    Yes, this is a time for wonderment. I think winning a competition can boost a person’s morale, but to let this excitement stay within, and not to brag. In some competitions, everyone is a winner for even participating. This is what I try to enforce with young children.

  2. Gina M. Menorca

    I have not joined in any competition. But I think I know The feeling. While watching the television In some competition and bet wins. The emotions that are flowing, the adrenaline. It is all mixed together. Like you laugh, you cry, you shout, you jump. you can never ever explain.

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