Increasing Views to Your Site

Designing Web Usability on your website or page is all about marketing and advertising on the internet. The following eleven steps can also be used to increase views and help bloggers market their work.

  1. It involves creating a community of learners because learning is all about growth and progress.
  2. Usability has to do with ergonomics and human factors.
  3. There are 4 main goals include doing advertising, satisfying, creating extra value for your visitors, and creating a desire to return for your visitors.
  4. The main keys for a successful website include defining your audience, themes, metaphors, and customer support.
  5. Resistance is futile.
  6. The task flow involves the human factors doing market research for processes.
  7. Your Rear End involves supportive technologies, database, interactive, and script.
  8. Navigation involves different 3 methods. The easiest and fastest way is 800 by 600 checkboxes. The standard method is 650 by 588 learning tables. The scroll method involves scrolling and click, while horizontal scrolling and 5 clicks.
  9. Standards involves texts in all capital letters, which is shallow as well as considered to be 5th and 6th grade reading level. The titles should be in sans serif font. And, few words in a serif font.
  10. Advertisement involves print media and multimedia.
  11. Software DOs and DON’Ts: GIF is considered to be better than JPEG

Therefore, this list has to do with doing lots of marketing and customer service on a continual basis. And, it is important to make your site simple and easy, with an organized layout and complimentary colors, so everyone who enters your site can easily maneuver through the site without having any issues or obstacles.

Ergonomics is defined as studying people’s efficiency at a particular working environment. And, human factors has to do with an individual’s skills and abilities at a particular job within a particular work environment, compared to other people in that work environment. So, it is important to analyze each person’s skills, abilities, and education in order to make sure that the right person is at each job position. And, therefore, each person will most likely be most efficient at their particular job. If they have good team work, then they are likely to create excellent results together.

Moreover, people skills and salesman skills are also important in order to be able to do with issues at work as well as with visitors to the site. The key is to get these visitors to be potential customers, or at least reoccurring visitors.



  1. Gil Camporazo

    I have already encountered the term, usability. I am looking deeper on this term for I would like to know how does it work in the so-called ergonomics. It is too vague.

  2. Fifi Leigh Post author

    I got this information from a UCI Extension seminar about Digital Arts Symposium and website usability. my notes on it was very simple, more like a summary of the seminar.

  3. Marsha Cooper

    Wow, most in that list is over my head….I need to get back to writing on my blog on a regular basis.
    I need to promote myself more. I only have subscribers by email as I’ve made that an entry in for giveaways.

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