What Kind of Person Are You When it Comes to Struggle?

Struggle, struggle, and struggle. I know there is something wrong with this struggle. I have been living a life that full of hardship and there is nothing wrong with that, however, if you will just stay there and will not do anything about it, then there is something wrong with you. You should not stay as one struggle may come today and another will be coming your way tomorrow. If that struggles will pile up, that the serious struggle you will be facing. 

Define struggle. A struggle is different and depends on the people feeling it. It usually accompanies with negativities that this is always happening to them, why is God picking them, making them hard to move on because they are drowning in it and a decision making is poor because they feel bad, they want to stop thinking, for now, they want to just stop thinking because they are exhausted. 

Struggling varies meaning in between negative and positive people. Negative people will say it makes them lose themselves sometimes because they are focusing on the problem alone and not shaking their heads and try to think of the solution so that one problem will be solved. They love to indulge themselves that they feel bad. Instead of doing something to relieve themselves, they feel bad. They entertain bad feelings because they just feel bad. That is struggling already. It is a struggle in a sense that you are not doing anything to lift yourself, to move yourself to what you supposed to be doing. If you will just wait there, feel bad, feel sorry for yourself, then struggle is really a severe struggle. 

On people who are open-minded and always wear their positive outlook in life, a struggle is just a part. It is just a reason why you will not like to feel it again. They have the clear reason of what struggle really mans so they will not stay there. They might struggle, it might be hard to them, but they are focusing on the solving the problem until it solved. Their struggle is on solving the problem and moving, not about struggling because you feel bad and you feel it is always hard to you. Theirs are the positive struggle because it will be a factor that having success even more fruitful. It will make them worthy of the experienced. Life will be more inspiring and humbling with those kinds of struggles. They treat it as a life lesson’s and not a burden to keep. 

What kind of struggle are you facing right now? What kind of people are you in the midst of a struggle?

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  1. Dawnwriter

    I have struggled with many things in life, loneliness, death of a daughter, some health problems and financial problems too in one part of the life and other. At first, I used to get very depressed because life did not make much sense to me but as I have become closer to my faith and my God, i am very much at peace. I firmly believe that all things happen for a reason and this life is actually a test for afterlife. Help a person in need, feed a poor family, pray and do small acts of kindness and burdens seem lesser.

  2. Rex Trulove

    I used to be a worrier. Everytime something happened that could be considered to be a struggle, I’d worry about it. I don’t anymore, at least not often. Why? Because the bible explicitly says how to deal with struggles and worries. For instance, Matthew 6:34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

    From the smallest worry to the greatest, I now put my worries in the hands of God. He’s never let me down yet, and the promise is that He never will.

  3. Sandhya Rani

    Struggles form an integral part of a human’s life and all our achievements are related to our struggles, if made a positive approach from our side, I feel so. I have also faced so many setbacks in my life and still struggling to get everything back to where it was. I am not sure if I will emerge as winner or not. But I believe in struggling and keep trying so that I should not regret myself in future for keeping myself idle when life offered me an opportunity to try.

  4. Fifi Leigh

    i think it is best to try to turn the negatives into positives some how by working with the negatives in a positive way, until the problem or struggle is finally solved.

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