What role do ego states play?

Human mind has always been very difficult to decipher. It is unexpected and most of times we do find many such difficult attachments to thoughts which time and again provides and poses us so many difficult questions which many time we himself finds it hard to define. Mind is so complex that makes behavioral aspects of humans to go for more complex ways. There are rules and regulations but there has been many humans who would love to break such rules in first instant. The serious question lies why such tendencies to go for outer ways.

In an opposite point of view we could argue that such the form and factor of ideas that constitute ours mind which always search for simple form of thought processes which marches ahead and provides deeper and wider forms of analogies and takes out the most desired and consistent forms of reasoning out of it which may or may not suit the need for humans but in the long run it does provide one of diverse ways of learning entire process mechanisms and that becomes the most confusing aspect of human brain.

We have progressed in so many fields but still ours development and progression in reaching out and discovering the aspects and working out of our brain is in the stage of infancy. Most of times we anticipate forms and factors of brain by looking into some part of it but so far the most complex part of this nervous system has not yet been discovered and well invented. We are still in the stage of understanding how these nervous system runs and how these system moves from one stage to the other and how these system performs in purest forms.

That is why brain transplant so far not been possible. Medical scientists failed to anticipate it and that is the reason so far we could not recreate the exact replica of what the brain has constituted as well as the forms and factors of brains that has been there inside with widest form of anticipation and imagination. The evolutions of ego state from brain itself is difficult to find and the process which initiates it still not been found by medical scientists.

How come such continuous state of extreme possibilities comes out without any such slightest initiatives? Is there any relationships between dreams and evolution of ego states? It is important to find out these evolutions so that ultimately the process of thinkings and thought initiatives could be known exactly as the result of this as well as the nervous veins which initiates should be properly recognised so as to find these processes in its entirely purest of forms. The sizes of human brains is very long and in order to understand it one by one even the time and durations of one’s life could be over.

Still, it needs to be deciphered and that too in purest form so as to make the treatment involving the process of understanding the functioning of entire nervous system could be revealed. It is one such secret which need proper attention and it needs to be deciphered in clear cut manner so that such the treatment of persons dealing with such diseases could be done smartly without any such trial and error methods.


  1. Suny

    Fact is, we have been trying to prove it for a long time but yet to reach to a firm conclusion about the connection in between dreams and our behavior.

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