What The Children Are Afraid Of?

An hour before the pupils are dismissed from their classes, the late heavy afternoon rain disturbed them. I roam around the campus and check every classroom. I overheard them shouting. Some were very quiet. some were crying.

As soon as I reached my office, a big bang was overheard a less than a kilometer from our school. It was the lightning. The sound was deafening. But the continuous pouring of the rain became a monotonous sound to the ear.

This situation has reminded me when I was a kid. Every time, a thunder roared I covered my ears. When a lightning flashed, I ran to the bedroom to cover myself of the blanket. Then I went back to the study room when everything is clear.

I noticed my late mother who was busy. She covered the mirror and everything that could generate a reflection like glasses. Then I also saw her sprinkling around the house with a vinegar. What for? I asked myself. Is it something to protect us from the harm which the thunder and lightning may do.

Well, while I was riding in tandem with my male teacher, I was telling him about my friend who was hit by a lightning inside his house while he was eating his lunch. And he died instantly. He was charcoal burned.


  1. Lee Ka

    Sorry to hear about your friend. Did the children have bad experience with the lightning and thundering, hence they are so afraid of the heavy rain?
    So have you found out what the vinegar is for?

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      To ward off the evil spirit from coming or entering the house. I don’t know if it is true or correct?

  2. Gil Camporazo Post author

    Nope… my late mother didn’t tell me about it why she used to sprinkle the house with vinegar. What is in vinegar that could stop or control the thunder, the lightning?

    1. Lee Ka

      Perhaps the other old people in your country might know this?
      I just heard some Chinese sprinkle rice (raw) to get rid of evil spirits.

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