What We Can Learn at Wedding Ceremonies

Today the 20th of August 2016, I happened to attend a wedding between Paul Arunga and Alice Muhonja which was done at Mudasa Academy. It was a colorful wedding ceremony. I wondered what one can learn from wedding ceremonies. Apart from witnessing the exchange of marriage vows, what else can you learn there?


A bride in her wedding dress
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From Wedding Ceremonies We Learn How People Dress
It is easy to determine the hottest trend if you look at the clothes worn to wedding ceremonies. This is the time when people dress very well. You can choose the best attire here. It is as if one is in a fashion parade.


We Can Get Good Sermons From Wedding Ceremonies

Here is the sermon which was delivered, following Proverbs 24:3. It says, “By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established.”
• Wisdom should prevail in our families. The couple should be wise. They should have proper communication in their house. Communication breakdown is the cause of many family breakups.
• Families, through wisdom, must learn to forgive each other. Many families do not know how to forgive. They count every mistake. Ladies have a storing memory of about 30 GB, while men have almost to nil. When we forgive, then, we do not store things.
• Through wisdom, we should learn to invest. Investment keeps families together.
• Through wisdom, families should learn to pray together. Prayer holds families together and reverts problems.
• With wisdom comes understanding. Understanding gives birth to love. Love binds a family together.

You can learn all these things from listening to the sermons at wedding ceremonies.


Through a Wedding Ceremony, We Learn How to Cater to Our Visitors
Usually, many visitors are invited to a wedding ceremony. One should cater to them so that they do not grumble and complain. Give them enough food and drink.

Wedding Ceremonies Remind Us of Our Youth
Here we learn that we were once young but now we are old. Wedding ceremonies should remind us of our vows too. We swore to stay together with our spouses till death do us part. Yet many of us today are not in relationships. We have broken up or divorced. We are reminded that God does not want to hear the word called ‘divorce’.
What lessons do you learn from weddings? There are so many things one learns from events of life. We need to write about them.


Featured image: Unsplash/Pixabay/CCO, Public domain


  1. Kyla Matton Osborne

    I love the points made in the sermon. There is a great deal of wisdom there about how to stay married for a lifetime, and not just in the honeymoon phase of the relationship. It takes a lot of patience and commitment to keep being married….

    1. @stbrians meshack bwoyele keya Post author

      Love and wisdom shokd not end at courting, tying knots and honeymoon. It should go on throughout life. God should be the guide. One is married to a boy and should make a husband out of him and likewise the boy marries a girl that he should turn into a husband and this calls for wisdom, love, understanding and patience

  2. Rex Trulove

    There is an upcoming wedding at our church, in fact. I’ve been to several and each is different and beautiful in its own way. One couple actually remarried. It wasn’t a renewal of vows, they remarried.

  3. Andria Perry

    Ah but in some relationships the man remembers more and the woman is NOT controlling at all 😀

    If I let everything bother me that people say, even a spouse, I would be in tears.

    Live. Love. Laugh.

    I tweeted this article.

    1. @stbrians meshack bwoyele keya Post author

      Weddings may be the same if you are not keen enough @gina. Like in this one electricity disappeared and the address system went mum. We burst into song and prayer. It was an experience

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