What We Do in Sabbath Day?

Every Sunday we go Church as a family. We are obedient to what the Scripture says as to do. We should gather together by keeping the Sabbath holy. And for us, it is Sunday that we go to our Church to attend to our respective classes during Sunday School.

The kids go to the Primary Class. The youths proceed to their respective classes. The women attend to their Relief Society class and the men to their Priesthood class. All of them study the subjects prescribed by the curriculum of the Church. No one is left without receiving those spiritual lessons for themselves.

After the class, everybody assembles in the Sacrament Hall for the partaking of the bread and water in remembrance of the blood and the body of Christ. Then, three spiritual speakers take a turn to share their messages as inspired from their faith-promoting experience. We go home filled with the Spirit that gives us the comfort and the peace of mind.

At home, we still keep the Sabbath holy by reading Church magazines, the Bible, and other scriptures. We also listening to soft music or Church hymns. We also see an inspiring movie, especially of humanity. Everything in that Sunday is dedicated to the Lord.

What about you?


  1. Gil Camporazo Post author

    By the way, we also have the auxiliary meeting in the afternoon. In our District, the Branch Presidents have a meeting with the District President, discussing forthcoming activities and branch conferences.

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