When and why to call an exorcist?

Just to make it clear, I do not obscure people who experience a real case of a demon attack – if there is anything like that – but I do have a few instances of a very stupid everyday things that could be solved in a way better manner than making an issue out of it. You may rethink to call a plumber or an electrician instead after what I tell you in the story below.

Personally, I doubt that demons even exist but then again, I might be wrong.

Some time ago I was reading about a family who was so convinced that they have a serpentine demon somewhere in the house who haunt and taunt them during the night but also during the day. None of the inhabitants were suffering from any mental diseases besides being gullible and naive of course. So, they spent a handsome sum of money trying to get rid of the demon who was so fond of their house. But, besides spending money on the charlatans and magicians who claimed they can help they done nothing in particular. Noises, mostly hissing and crackling continued and they were unable to find a source – so must be a demon.

The problem escalated when one night a smoke woke them and forced them out of a home which burned to the ground because of the bad electrical installations…


  1. Shavkat

    In 1990, my city was struck by a strong earthquake. Many people died during that time and residents’ dogs are howling at night. It is an indication that they can see ghosts. After a few weeks time, some people had been an exorcist. My city is once called the Ghost City.

    1. Your Seldom Majesty Post author

      Animals sometimes feel ground moving or natural things. If dog barks it doesn’t mean there is a ghost, but can be a fox…

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