When History Confirms The Bible!


Is The Bible Fiction?

The bible is not a book of fiction. It does not tell folklore stories the likes of ‘Sindbad the Sailor’ and ‘Around the World In Eighty Days’. The bible has some amazing facts of things that happened. Though there are doubts to some of the facts, science and history has proved some facts. It therefore goes without any reasonable doubt that the bible is the living word of God.


607 B.C.E

This is believed to be the year which God is believed to have ended his rule in Israel. It is believed that after this time, the rulers who ruled Israel were earthily and not God crowned like those before.


Seven Times!

After seven times, God had to establish his rule through Jesus Christ. Seven times is thought to be a period of 2520 years. It is believed that from 607B.C.E in October up to 1914 is a period of 2520 years. That year 1914 is when Jesus started to reign.


What Happened In 1914?

  • In 1914 is the year when the First World War began.
  • The same year is when Jesus began to reign and thus the war to signify that there will be a final war with all the earthily kings known as Armageddon.
  • It is the year when the seven times had expired.

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