When is the best time to connect with others online?

Most who write online or connect with others through social media have a particular time of day that works best for them. Have you found what seems to be the best time for you to connect with others online?

Some may find writing or connecting in the middle of the night is the best idea.This is especially good for visiting with those who are in other parts of the world. Of course, those who are too busy to be online during the daylight hours will often find late nights just work better for them.

Remembering the schedule of those who you enjoy connecting with or sharing your ideas with is important. And isn’t is great that now we have the option of actually seeing each other online too if this is important to us? 

Perhaps you are new to the writing or social media world and have not yet determined what will be the best time for you to work or share online. This could take a bit of time to realize, but it will all come together soon.

After working online for a period of time, there are usually adjustments that might have to take place. Friends come and go. New people enter the scene. We have to be ready and willing to make changes as needed to stay in touch. 

Have you decided at this point when your best time to work or connect online will be for you?


  1. Kyla Matton Osborne

    I still don’t think I’ve really hit a “sweet spot.” But I do schedule some of my interactions, like Tweets. And I find I can still maintain a reasonable contact with friends on social blogging sites like BlogBourne by just commenting when I can. Still, there are some days when I wish I could clone myself!

    1. Pat Z Anthony Post author

      For me, the wee hours of the morning are good. Not everyone wants to be awake these hours.

  2. Sandy KS

    I am online at different times. What I do, is if someone comments on my posts. I go see if they have created a new post. After doing that I go to the main page and work my way down.

  3. Marie Edgerly

    I get online at different times. Some days I don’t get a chance to get online which is mostly on weekends or of I got a lot of school work to get done. But I have found when I do in the evenings is the best time or early mornings.

  4. Vinaya

    I think you will have to consider about different time zones. If an American wants to connect with a Chinese, he will have to wake up in the middle of night.

    1. Pat Z Anthony Post author

      So many we know here in the states are up well after midnight. It is close to 2 a.m. here and no one around me is thinking about sleep yet.

  5. Shavkat

    Since I am working as an online teacher, I can’t connect much in social medias. I usually actively participating the sites in between classes of mine. I have the feeling of boredom when teaching some students. I just keep on inspired by reading something in the social medias.

  6. grace

    I am from India and my main issue is connectivity. When I am wide awake America is snoring and so is the case with few other countries. But no worry. Whatever my friends have said will be seen by me and I comment on them and vice versa. . May be there will not be a chain interaction but I am satisfied with whatever I get.

    1. Pat Z Anthony Post author

      This shows us the site is always ‘open’ with plenty of members busy chattering away!

  7. Vinaya

    Some times we have to wake up at 4 AM and work on the site, for instance it is 4 AM now and I can see my many friends online

  8. ParkerRose

    For me it can be any time of the day or night . It’s true that you can log in anytime and always find interesting articles and people typing away and finding new friends!

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