When Is the Last Time That You Exercise?

The food we eat determines our health or bodily functions to make one’s health in a normal condition. It is also enhanced by the exercise we do. I would deal with the exercise we do particularly the best time and the best exercise which make you feel comfortable.

A year ago, I was regular in my morning brisk walking exercise. Before I took my morning meal, I woke up early in the morning and took an hour of walking exercise in the public plaza and went home, took a shower, and ate my breakfast.

In my short research, I have come across with the study on the best time of the day to exercise. This is conducted to the athletes and ordinary people. The respondents generally favor that they are at ease in doing their exercise in the afternoon. There are a lot of benefits which they could gain from doing it, especially in the late afternoon.

In the said study, though afternoon time proves to be beneficial to everyone, but the morning session receives the common preference to have the exercise especially early in the morning. While some favor evening exercise for it induces a better sleep.

Results of the Study

Study shows the following results:

1. Late afternoon best for exercise
2. Strength is greater in the afternoon
3. Endurance is greater in afternoon
4. Injuries are less Likely in the afternoon
5. Morning exercisers are more consistent
6. Evening exercise and sleep

Would you start exercising now? Or later? What can you say?


    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      So I am. I have already stopped my early morning brisk walking. I have to do it.

  1. Susan

    Exercise is best whenever You get it in! As long as you do it. I’m a CPT, MMA, Boxer, Ultimate Fighter, Dancer and writer.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      Although working could be considered as a form of exercise, a regular exercise is different.

  2. Marie Edgerly

    I used to walk everyday and when I did I felt so much better. I been telling my husband I need to start doing that again. Not so much for losing weight,but for health wise.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      Losing weight takes time, but doing the exercise maintains one’s health. Hope you could make it in the following day.

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