When Saying An Apology

Sorry by Justin Bieber

When a relationship of our parents,siblings, friends as well our beloved partners are become steady and harmony to one another ,we feel we are in a beautiful ways and  it may seems we are living in a heaven. But how about when one person  is misbehave, lying, are not  committed with our partner, it will become devastated because of ruining the trust and  relationships.

Of course, when one did a mistakes you will say an apology to afterwards they accepted your mistakes and say a doable things to make the relationships better.

But I have seen others, saying an apology were become meaningless because they did it again and again. And so saying an apology once again. Do you think that accepting an apology is an eternal?

How many wills you accept their mistakes after saying those apologise?

Few of us,the human,were accepted their Apology but most of the times were already damage the trust and broken relationships. Sometimes, as you accepted their asking apology, they will express their feelings until you are insulting to them. I am sad about that but better yet to avoid those kinds of people no matter how much you love them. Just walk away silently.

Sometimes,it’s really happens to our family,friends,relatives especially to our love relationships.So hard feelings we might ended relationships with them.

Sad but true.


*image credit from pixabay


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