When You are Older, Learning is Harder!

learning is harder when you are older

Learning is fun, let’s learn now!

Learning when you are young is easy.  Youngster are like sponges, you tell them something once and they just seem to absorb that knowledge.  Especially if it is something that they really like.


Even school aged kids, will find it harder as they progress through the school system.  Now this could be due to a couple of different factors.  Sometimes the kids are just not interested in learning about a certain subject and their minds are turned off.  It is almost impossible to retain anything if you are not interested.  A few facts may enter that grey matter, but that’s about it!  The rest is in the notes and hopefully won’t be on the test.


learning gets harder as you age

I love learning, but I must listen and pay attention.

Even University students know that the learning is harder when they are older.  I’ve had my own kids tell me that this was so much easier when they were younger and yet, I thought it was just me that was having trouble.  

learning is harder as you age

Learning is a whole new ballgame in University

So it seems that there is a consensus that as you get older it gets harder and harder to learn new things.  Oh it’s not that you don’t want to learn new things, but rather, that your brain is not as flexible at storing those new things.


So what’s a person to do, when they know that learning is something you’ll do till the day you die?  You just keep on learning, that’s what you do.  You learn new ways to make the information stick to the grey matter in your brain.  You learn to play word games in order to remember names, places, important articles and such.  Without the games you are really at the mercy of forgetting….and the young ones in your circle of family and friends will need to learn some patience.  They will have to understand that sometimes you really need things repeated again and again.

As my kids and well meaning friends remind me all the time,  “there is a lost and found maybe your brain is in there?”


It’s a good thing for them that I haven’t lost my sense of Humor!


  1. Kyla Matton Osborne

    Learning does get harder as we age. I can remember this was a topic when I studied gerontology, years and years ago. Of course, now that I’m much older and I haven’t used that info in forever, it’s difficult for me to access the specifics. Memory starts to go too, even before we are what others would consider “old” 😛

  2. Olivia Morris Post author

    You can say that again Kyla, but I think the important things, those things that you use daily still remain in the fore front of our minds….Thank God.

    It’s so hard to understand why I can’t remember or recall facts that I knew last week….

  3. Pat Z Anthony

    It seems to me (and just who am I to have such an opinion) it is not because people are older so much as they are busier. Our minds are going in so many directions-how can be concentrate of what we are learning. However, many of us have met or know people who began new careers are 60 and some who taught themselves musical instruments. Maybe there is hope for us!

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