When You Realize Your Little Girl’s Not So Little Anymore

For some parents, birthdays are a big occasion with lots of fuss. There is a party with lots of friends, cake and ice cream, and of course a ton of presents. There is also a lot of stress over the planning, buying and preparing food, and taking care of such details as the decorations and the obligatory loot bags. Wow! With all that going on, it’s pretty hard to focus on the real reason for celebrating a birthday: because it marks another milestone in a child’s life.

We try not to fuss too much over birthdays in our house. Money has often been tight, as has the space to hold a party. And more often than not, my husband has to work on birthdays or at least one of my kids is away from home. So we celebrate quietly and we try to spread things out a bit. A long distance call from a sibling away at work today, a special treat tomorrow, a favourite meal for supper another night. And somewhere in there, the kids usually go on an outing with their grandparents too. But it’s all small and low-key, mostly family or close friends. And the kids have learned to appreciate the little things that people do to mark their birthdays – like drawing them a picture or making a homemade card.

No Longer a Little Girl

My youngest just turned 12. It seems only yesterday that she was this tiny little girl with a huge grin and a favourite pink coat. But soon she’ll be out on the parade square learning drill with her friends at cadets, and before long she’ll be away for summer training like her sisters. In just another year, she’ll be heading off to high school. And if we’re not careful and we blink too much, she’ll be graduating college and moving out on her own!

So today I’m taking time out not to host a big party or to fuss over balloons and loot bags, but to really notice my not-so-little girl. This birthday is a pretty big milestone in her young life. And if I look back on all the growing she’s done, I can see she’s come such a long way!

Do you take the time to really look at your kids and think about all the growing they’ve done? When their birthdays and other milestones come around, do you remember the reason behind the celebration rather than getting caught up in all the cake and ice cream, and fuss?


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Birthdays as milestones: When You Realize Your Little Girl's Not So Little Anymore | #daughters #milestones

Do you take time on your child’s birthday to reflect on how much she’s grown as a person?
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  1. Martha DeMeo

    Children have a way of growing up right before our eyes! Happy Birthday to your baby (No matter how old she is, she’ll always be your baby <3 ). Our youngest grandson hit a milestone today when he turned 18. Seems like we were just at the hospital waiting for his arrival! Happy Birthday to your special princess!

    1. Kyla Matton Osborne Post author

      I noticed that! I haven’t had time to read your post yet, but I thought it was cool that we both have a special someone with the same birthday 🙂

  2. marilou luzon

    Happy natal day to your little girl, it’s the same with my 1st son, he’s turning 10 this coming Nov and in a little while he’s gonna be a man. I don’t notice that he’s growing fast.

    1. Kyla Matton Osborne Post author

      The years go by so fast, don’t they? I’ll bet he’s getting quite an appetite right about now, too!

  3. Vinaya

    I am not a parent yet, however, your post reminds me what my parents think about me. Thanks for the great read.

    1. Kyla Matton Osborne Post author

      How wonderful that you can put yourself in your parents’ shoes! One day it will be your turn, and you’ll see how fast children change as they grow. Before we know it, our babies are all grown up!

  4. Sherry Smith

    My son just turned 9 a few months ago and my daughter will turn 11 in November. I look at her and realize that she is not my baby girl anymore at least in physical appearance. However, she will always be my baby and the same goes for my son. I cannot believe that they are this grown and how fast it seemed to go by. Great read, @ruby3881!!

    1. Kyla Matton Osborne Post author

      Wait till they turn 18! My oldest turns 19 this fall and the others aren’t far behind her. We’ve got several upcoming elementary and high school graduations in the next couple of years, plus a couple of new drivers – and our youngest new cadet! It’s hard to believe: only a short time ago, they were all in diapers!

  5. Tiffany McNew

    I think about this every day, watching my daughter grow before my eyes while we are expecting another nearly any day now. Time goes by too quickly, and not enough people realize it until it’s way too late.

    1. Kyla Matton Osborne Post author

      Children grow so fast, they’re almost like waves on the sand. You can’t hold them still, no matter how hard you try….

  6. Suny

    @Kyla Matton Osborne – No, I quit smoking when she forced me to do so. She was in school then. I quit so many other things too at that time.

    1. Kyla Matton Osborne Post author

      Is “she” your daughter, Suny? I guess I got confused and thought you were talking about your wife, for some reason…

    1. Kyla Matton Osborne Post author

      Thanks, she enjoyed herself immensely! She just got back from a birthday outing with our neighbours and is enjoying herself with the kids at home now 🙂

    1. Kyla Matton Osborne Post author

      I’m glad we spread the celebration out a bit. This way, there’s less of a post-birthday crash. And because both her sisters are still away for another month, there will be a bit more celebrating when the big girls come home 🙂

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