When You See Yourself Better Than Others

While everyone is entitled to his own opinion, still it is in bad taste to be going around and telling your opinion about others and try to sink into their heads that you are right…..always right. Saying what is in your mind night be helpful when it comes to collaboration in an office meeting but when you make this a habit around friends, it just doesn’t seem right.

How often do you honestly say sorry if you have been confronted with something that you have blatantly destroyed another person’s character just so you get the spotlight? Poor fellow! He has suffered enough with his own personal problems and when he thought that there is this one true friend that he can count on, turns out to be the a creature with horns and tail!

Not every issue that you may learn about needs your opinion especially if you are not fully aware of what the whole story is about. Broken friendships often happen when one tends to be more insensitive and judgmental of others.

We should always strive to be good to everyone even if sometimes we are treated otherwise. We need to let go of things that doesn’t matter so much and focus of being a good example to people around you. This way, you don’t need to ask from people to respect you.


    1. Jenny A Post author

      I just hope it is not too late for them to realize their shortcomings. It is difficult to be all alone in the end.

  1. Shavkat

    I never compete with others but I just compete to myself. I can advise but not to force them to do it. They still have their own judgment and we need to respect that.

    1. Jenny A Post author

      I am happy to know that we are on the same page. It is however, unfortunate how others are blinded by their own sparkle.

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