Where Is the Appropriate Justice?

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This is a retrospective of injustices that occurred in the Philippines. Recently, some of the 100.9 million Filipino people are thankful and happy. They remember Senator Benigno Aquino, Jr. (“Ninoy”) who died for his country, the Philippines. Through Ninoy’s wife, the Philippines lost democracy during a period of martial law.

In the Philippines, the poor, the needy, and the oppressed declare justice is evasive. The ordinary Filipino says it is for the rich, the influential people in the society. Whatever it is. They have the right to say that for the injustice victimised them. But Philippine justice is fair.

Justice Icon

It is a statue of a blindfolded woman. She carries a balance with her left hand and a two-edged sword in her right hand.

In interpreting it, justice is likened to a woman who has a changeable mind. Her decision might be executory or it might appealable depending on the crime committed.

The balance determines the weight of the evidence against the accused. It could be the testimony of the witnesses in favour of the accused. The heavier the evidence speaks the possibility of finding the accused guilty or otherwise.

The blindfold represents the fairness of justice to everyone. It covers the eyes and ears of the woman. The accused is to try beyond the reasonable doubt. That is also to prevent the miscarriage of justice.

The two-edged sword is the sentence given to the guilty based on the penal code and existing laws.

Social Injustice

The family of the victims of injustice during the Martial Law era is still demanding for justice. President Ferdinand E. Marcos is already dead. He declared Martial Law on September 21, 1972 . Instead, they would be indemnified from the ill-gotten wealth of the Marcoses. The government handled the Marcos’ ill-gotten wealth. It paid some of the victims.

History tells the poor, the oppressed were the victims of injustice. They didn’t have the money to pay the litigation, the attorney’s fees. But the government has offered them a public attorney to defend themselves for free. They had lost faith in the Justice system for their cause fell on the deaf ears of the justices.

We would like to correct that. The Aquino family is rich. They hadn’t found justice for the Ninoy’s death. The late Senator Benigno Aquino, Jr. was shot at the tarmac on August 21, 1983, and died. His wife, Cory Aquino became President of the Philippines. She stayed in power for several years but wasn’t able to seek justice for her husband’s death until she died. Their son, Noynoy Aquino became the 15th President of the Philippines. It is still the same. He didn’t seek justice for his late father.

What does it imply? Where is justice?

image by Hans/Pixabay/CCO Public Domain


  1. Andria Perry

    I can only speak for my country and the justice.

    I have reported to several types of courts over the years because of the jobs I have taken on. I reported to the probate courts more than not due to I was the accountant for several estates, actually I handled the entire estate.

    District court is another court that I have reported to because I am a rental property owner and when I get a tenant that destroys my property, I put them into small claims court and I recover money for damages.

    For the most part I do have to know the laws in those courts for my cases to win or be accepted.

    As far as justice and criminal court, I love the law and I would most certain have become a defender IF I had went to law school. But God chose a different walk of life for me and I accept that I am blessed in this field.

    But back to Justice, some get it and other do not, But if they keep the faith God will reward them in other ways.

    I tweeted this article

  2. Sandy KS

    When I am wanting justice for something that is out of my hands, I turn to God and pray daily. If justice is to be served or I need to learn something from it. God will give it to me in his own time. Not mine.

  3. Pat Z Anthony

    Reading this will let most know the justice some expected did not happen and will not happen. The world has just been spinning out of control for so long.

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