Which Hairstyle Do You Wear?

Hairstyle can describe a person. People have their own hairstyles that can easily shock you. Should you abruptly change your hairstyle, you will wonder at how many stares and talking behind your back that you will get.



There are people who stick to wigs and hair pieces that are purchased in shops. These pieces are held into place with pins and hooks. Such hooks and pins do not make touching the hair very admirable. These purchased hair should be cleaned regularly to avoid them stinking. Other people shave themselves smooth.



These hairstyles are very good as they make one look very smart and clean. The only problem is that without the hair one feels very cold. Some hairstyles are too fancy that you may wonder whether you are meeting a person or a ghost.


We should make sure that our hairstyle is not in any way exaggerated to avoid attracting too much attention. Hairstyle is as good so long as it is not clumsy and annoys other people. Being clean is also necessary. I love Rastafarians who have very clean dreads. They look very smart despite the long hair. However some hairstyles may make animals like lice to brood in them. Such animals may be passed from one person to the next.

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