Which is Your Staple Food?


Staple food used to be the pride of a certain area, but now is no more. Cultures have blended together making many adapt to the food of other areas.cake-1539381__180

Corncakes used to be a favorite and the staple food of my native land. Should you not know what corncakes are then here it is-

One needs water to measure example two liters for 5 people.

You also need corn flour. It is ground from maize. The flour should be slightly more than the water.

Boil the water till it is steaming hot.

Add little flour at a time as you stir it.

Do not remove the mixture from the fire but continue adding and stirring till it is hard.

When it is to your desirable hardness, cover with a metal container and allow it to bake till a sweet aroma emanates from the cake.chicken-1001759__180

Remove from the fire and serve with meat stew, chicken, fish or vegetable stew.

We eat the cake with bare hands.

The meal is very delicious. That is the staple food of my native land. Do you still have your staple food? What is it? How is it prepared and eaten?


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  1. Barbara Radisavljevic

    I suppose most Americans I know would consider bread a staple food, unless, perhaps, they are on gluten-free diets. The foods of many cultures are available to us — corn, rice, quinoa, beans, etc.

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