Are You Prone to Telling Little White Lies?

Existence and History of White Lies

White lies have existed since time immemorial. They may be as old as Methuselah and lived from the time of creation. Wikipedia simply describes white lies as “minor or benign falsehoods.” They range from saving embarrassment to sparing the feelings of a loved one, and can be told for many other reasons. They are called “white” because they are harmless.


Do you tell white lies?

People tell white lies to avoid trouble. But does it work?

Some Types of White Lies

You may not like the outfit your spouse is wearing, yet you need to compliment her. If you mention something like the dress is ugly and she looks like a tramp in it, you may spoil both her day and your relationship! You may feel you have to resort to a white lie, so you say how the dress is pretty and how she looks lovely in it.

At times, you may visit a patient at the hospital who is critically ill. By looking at the patient, you see they may pass on at any moment. You cannot say to the face of the patient and his relatives that all is lost. You give them hope, you say the patient will recover. That is a white lie.

“Just relax honey and watch a movie. I’m caught up in a traffic jam.” Of course,  there is no traffic. You went to see an ex or your mistress. You cannot shout to your spouse that you are unfaithful. You cannot say that you still see your ex or that you have a mistress. So you tell white lies to save your marriage.

With mobile phones, white lies can become quite interesting. Nobody wants to give his accurate location. So, he will say he is in Gaza when in reality he is in West Bank. Thanks to the advancement  of technology that now you can tell the identity of the caller and his present locality.


Why Tell White Lies?

  1. They save an embarrassment or a relationship. People involved in white lies may not be doing anything criminal. Yet it is amusing how they lie without any shame. Do you fall into this category?
  2. White lies can help people to avoid strife and fighting.
  3. White lies have become part of life. Most people cannot live without white lies. They are just on their lips. It is a lifestyle and looks very healthy. Nobody is convicted by it. Can it be a sin, religiously?
  4. White lies are passed down from generation to generation. We begin by lying to our children. They will do it to theirs and it goes on and on. Most children learn much from copying in comparison to being taught. Do you agree?
  5. White lies are here to stay. It has become a habit. Habits become a lifestyle, with continued practice.

Are you prone to white lies?



Featured image: geralt/Pixabay Free Images/CCO


  1. Pat Z Anthony

    Many do seem to think it is okay to tell a lie if they think it won’t hurt anyone. It is still a lie and it is funny how we have decided along the way that a white lie is okay.

    1. Kyla Matton Osborne

      @dawnwriter If you want to add video, you need to get the embed code from YouTube. In the submission form, go to the “Text” tab and then place the cursor where you want the video to appear. Simply paste the embed code there. If you switch back to the “Visual” tab, you can check to be sure the video embedded correctly.

      Let me know if you need any additional help 🙂

  2. Tania K Cowling

    I believe that people get into the habit of telling little white lies, but personally I don’t like lies as little ones can turn into big messes. Being truthful, yet gentle is my best motto.

  3. Journal it

    Lies are lies. As a child, I learnt about white lies and how they were supposed to save people embarrassment but a lie is false. I learned that if you cannot say something nice, then don’t say anything at all. Saying “something nice” does NOT have to be a white lie. If you don’t like a particular dress on someone, that is just your opinion, you do NOT have to state your opinion, it is not a fact. Try and find some truthful, kind words to say. It could be something like “the colour exactly matches your eyes”, or “it fits really well”, or something that is truthful about the dress. The person chose it, they presumably like it, there is no need to spoil their pleasure in the dress by telling your blunt OPINION. Of course, if they are asking your opinion on whether to BUY a particular dress and you really hate it, then be truthful, otherwise you will dislike seeing that person dressed like that, which could harm your relationship.

    1. Vickie Ewell

      This is how I would handle the situation as well. My dad used to always say, “Your baby looks healthy,” rather than, “She’s beautiful,” if he didn’t really think so.

  4. Gil Camporazo

    Yes, I sometimes tell a white lie not to the extent it is to the extreme. I am doing it to save others, to save my work for I know I could make it up and make it perfect. I remember what I have read from the Bible when Moses did lie. He didn’t tell the truth that Zipporah wash his wife. Instead, he claimed it as his sister. So his life was spared. Same with his wife.

    1. Gil Camporazo

      In case, those Biblical people didn’t lie, do you think the plan of the Lord/God is fulfilled? That is why it is called as “white lie” for it has a beneficial purpose. Killing is prohibited by God, but God himself kills those sinners and even innocents themselves suffered the collatral damage. Are we going to debate on this?

    2. @stbrians meshack bwoyele keya Post author

      We shall debate on the matter since some things happened due to the ignorance and lacking that was there. Like the sons of Adam marrying their sisters and daughters of lot siring kids with the fathet @nakitakona13

  5. Lois Ryan

    You are very welcome. That’s a shade of gray in this area. If I see someone who is ugly, I am not going to say that. I do study the Bible but am still a newborn in that.

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