Who Is Gr8Brit? Meeeeeeeeeee

First thing people should know about me is I have a sense of humor, yes I know it’s rare these days :-). I also have strong morals though, so if something is wrong in the world I will be writing about it. Sometimes this offends people but the majority of people “get” my point even if they disagree, I will debate with people and if I am wrong I will say so, or more to the point, write about it 🙂


maybe I should introduce myself first though, My name is Martin I am from just outside Newcastle in England my age is?? Well lets not talk about that I feel like 120 but act 12 but im somewhere between them.


I had never even typed a sentence when I joined the old Bubblews site about 2-3 yrs ago but quickly fell in love with writing, it felt like a way to vent for me, whether it was jokes or just life in general.


I presume your bored now, so I’ll leave it at that for now. Oh not enough words, okay hobbies I like gardening, football although I’d rather not talk about that until my team can actually win a game grrrr.


Just a little note on the Paris attacks that have happened lately and indeed the German one, I remember reading that second generation Immigrants are more likely to join in illegal activities, anything from petty crime to terrorism (obviously not all but a small proportion) because they identify more with they’re parents home country and/or religion but are forced by they’re parents choice to live amongst people of another race and/or religion making them feel isolated…. Is that 200 yet sir 🙂


    1. Sandy KS

      You will through my writings. As i plan to be here for awhile. Feel free to ask me any question.

    1. gr8brit Post author

      lol no I didn’t count but the post wont post without 200 words 🙂

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