Who’s Up For A Taste Of Durant Curry?

If you have been following the recent events at the NBA, you would probably be aware that one of the biggest basketball players; Kevin Durant has been signed to the 2015 champions – Golden State Warriors. Yes, that right. This season will bring together the reigning MVP; Steph Curry and All-Star; Kevin Durant. If that isn’t a mouth watering treat, then I don’t know what is.

Last season, Durant’s OKC pushed hard against the record breaking Warriors, who lost just 9 games – JUST NINE!! In fact, the then champions had to fight back from a very difficult situation where OKC were in the lead with 3 games to GSW’s 1. But even without Curry, they managed to find the form they showcased all season and won the series 4-3. Now with Durant on their side, there would be nothing too difficult to get back into, and no opponent strong enough for the “Splash Brothers” + “KD” (I think a certain “King” from Cleveland just might think otherwise).

No matter what, we know exactly how great Stephen Curry is from distance, and how lethal Kevin Durant is in every game, and it is going to take something really, really, REALLY special to break the Golden State Warriors this season. Get ready for one of the best NBA seasons you could ever possibly see. Who knows, we might even see the Warriors’ own record be broken.

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