Why are some people so angry all the time?

I’m not sure if it’s more prevalent around here because I’m living in the city or I’m just noticing it more, but some people are so angry all the time and I simply don’t understand why…

One lady I’m forced to deal with on a regular basis simply won’t allow me to say a word at all. She simply keeps repeating and repeating herself over and over again. This repetition is based on accusations such as “Why do you…” and even when I try to reply, she won’t answer me.

The other people are drivers around here. Friends of mine, as well as myself, say, “When in Philly drive like an idiot” is their motto. In all honesty, I have to actually say a prayer asking God to help me remain calm and courteous before I drive anywhere around here.

Why do I even bother asking this question? It’s because their anger washes off on me so easily and I don’t like being an angry person. I want to spread peace, love, and happiness with people.

So, is this the norm where you live? Or is it something that’s only found in certain areas? If you’ve experienced it, why do you think things are this way?


  1. Sharon Epperson

    I personally see it in bigger towns/cities. I am from a very small town and don’t really see it, but when I go to the town 1 1/2 hours away and much bigger I observe it.

  2. JoDee Stout

    Oh, my!! You just described my MIL, who lives next door!! She is a very negative person!! I think she is so unhappy with her own life, she has to spread that misery. You know the saying “misery loves company!”

  3. CatMom NJ

    I see it within a few relatives who I can’t seem to get away from. I stopped talking to one because he can’t seem to get a grip on his temper and has been showing signs of early Alzheimer’s in some ways too. This has been going on for a long time and he’s only 49 now. Anger is not a good way to hold oneself.

  4. Brenda H. Post author

    Sharon, yeah I didn’t notice it as much in Pittsburgh, but I definitely notice it here in Philly.

    CatMom sorry to hear it’s happening to someone in your family.

    I wish I could get away from these anger issues, but that ain’t happening LOL

  5. Marie Edgerly

    Oh I see it a lot where I live. Seems a lot here are always angry, negative or darn out right rude. Also have had few so caller friends that way and because of it I stop having anything to do with them. Don’t want that kind of negativity in life, thank you. I am the totally opposite. I always have a nice word to say and always respectful to everyone.

  6. Shavkat

    I guess our world is not perfect after all. If I am in your shoe, I will just ignore these people. That’s what I usually do if I encounter such loud people in my life. I am not going to consume myself dealing with them.

  7. Ruth Cox

    I think anger in some comes from daily stress in their lives. Others are just plain miserable personalities. I think these angry ones are why I generally prefer the company of dogs over people!

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