Why Astrology may ruin your life

Almost every one of us read the daily horoscope or charm predictions, or any entertaining nuisance like this. You can see those little colorful text snippets on the back of any magazine or the daily newspapers.

Personally, I find those text snippets interesting and rarely I don’t take a look at them. Just to have a good laugh. They are never correct.

These predictions are inaccurate and meant only for the entertaining  – for the sake of the conversation – the ‘expert’ astrologists suggest that we don’t even read these because they are so far from the truth.

The real truth is that you can’t categorize people based on their horoscope sign, date of birth or any celestial prediction – but nothing stops us from trying to understand our luck, life and maybe even the predestination.

The problem is if we do start believing in what the ‘expert’ astrologers tell us – is that the same as if some other person is steering our faith and destiny?

Yes, absolutely correct – and there is a big possibility that this will even ruin our life. The astrology will not ‘ruin’ your life in the terms of a lethal outcome – but, relying on this is the same as relying on the chaos.


  1. Shavkat

    Some people believed in a horoscope. I don’t usually put into practice but sometimes I usually get some lucky numbers from a horoscope. I sometimes the lucky numbers in a lottery. It was just for fun.

    1. Your Seldom Majesty Post author

      I can’t say it is high in my list of interest. Astrology is just something fun to read on back of magazine.

    2. Your Seldom Majesty Post author

      Sometimes I go to astrology pages and look for explanation of some interesting birth dates. It is also for fun.

  2. Treathyl FOX

    If you believe that stars which have no intelligence or a mind or a brain can control your destiny and you have a mind and free will, there’s only thing left for you to do. Sell your mind, buy up all the stars and resell them. Might as well make a profit before they ruin your life! 🙂

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