Why Do We Dream?


Men and women dream in their sleep. In our dreams, we visited the world beyond our imagination. A glimpse of unknown. In our dreams people and places are fictional. Dreams can be so realistic, sometimes horrific, sometimes funny, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes disturbing. It can awaken all our senses while we are sleeping or when we are in a state of unconsciousness.

Sigmund Freud  as the inventor of psychoanalysis  suggested that dreams are essentially an ”acting out’ of repressed emotions.  Carl  Jung  a medical doctor and collaborator with Sigmund Freud  considered that dreams provide the best insight into the unconscious. He saw that dreams as creative and visionary. Frits Perl’s founder of the most notable Gestalt Therapy believed that dreams symbolize the unfinished emotional business and that the dream characters and object can be the projection of the dreamer’s own self.

In the history, Archeologist has believed that ancient people have dreams, it is visible in many cave paintings that show dreamlike   quality of people and animals or even an event.  The ancient Egyptian left records from the so-called Chester Beatty collection. The ancient Greece and Rome. It is believed that their ideas are not in a reality that can be made possible on their arts and advanced engineering .

Dreams can be visible in all Religious  traditions. In the bible, In the old testament, we can find many stories about God talking to his prophets while they are sleeping. It is also visible in new testament Like for example, the dream of joseph on the danger of the messiah. In Islam, It is an accepted fact that God talks to a prophet in dreams and even to men and women God talk to them in their visions. In Buddhism, dreaming is important to their religion. They believe and teaches dream as a rehearsal for death.
Science believes that men and women do dream in their sleep. They have the objective evidence  from the changes of brain rhythm it causes when we dream.  It is a subjected fact that dreaming appears to be psychological and physical.

People believes in dreams, dreams that sometimes gives them a collective memory of a blurry past that was stored in thier unconcious mind. Dreams are sometimes so crytic that we need a total dicernment of what the message it was trying and relying to the dreamer. Sometimes dreams can be remembererd when we are awake, or sometimes it was just a dream.


  1. Fifi Leigh

    yeah, I remembering reading somewhere that many prophets communicated with God via meditations for future guidance. i am sure God communicating back to them via dreams and missions to help them do whatever He wants them to do.
    i read that everyone dreams every night, but i dont always remember my dreams. sometimes i wake in the morning remember nothing from the dream.

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