Why Do We Go To Church?

Why Go To Church?

Why do we ever go to church? Can’t one just stay at home and watch Christian movies and read Christian magazines? This is a difficult question to answer.


Reasons why you go should go to church.

  • We go to church to worship God. We came from God and we should have our roots planted into God. The church is one area where people should identify with God.
  • We go to church to escape the hustle and bustle of the world. We happen to have too much to do that at times we do multitasking. Many have developed diseases due to this. It is in church where one can just sing, rejoice and listen to the word of God.
  • The church will help us to learn good morals which will help us in life. The Television and newspapers are full of violence and sexual oriented programs which are not good for our morals. The church assists us to learn good morals.
  • The devil uses scripture to lead many astray. In church we learn scriptures to counter the evil one.
  • We do confess sins in the church.
  • We have communion of saints in church.

The church can assist us in many areas.


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