Why do we have Friends?

Friends, how many others have it? Friends, how lucky you are you have a lot. Friends may come and go. Friends are not even for forever. Friends is a pocket full of gold. 

Above are those that comes as a results of my search about the meaning of friends. I guess it has an emotional attachment on some that if you ask them they rather answer in a manner based on their experiences with having friends. 

Why do people have friends and what do they do to you to preserve them? 

Preserve them? Like food? Not really, I mean preserve them like keep them, take care of them and have them for life. Let us answer the question, why do you have friends? 

I have friends because there are some things I can’t share with my family. There are problems I created and sometimes I get involved with and I don’t want to stress out my family members thinking about that because family problems are building up and I don’t want to add to the burden. I rather be part of the solution dealing with family problems. 

I can be who I am with my friends. I can share everything about me with my trusted friends. Right now I have two of my best friends, these are offline friends but we met online. We have been together for 8 years and now we are celebrating our 9 years of friendship. I can be who I am when I am with them. They do not judge me but they tell me when something is wrong. I mean they do not judge me in a lighter way, but they judge me really hard, lol. Yes, they tell me how ugly I am because I am not sleeping at night, they tell me I am hard headed and I will always lead myself to danger. They pinch me for me to wake up to what I am doing with myself. However, I found on them the true concern of a friend. They helped me financially and emotionally. In fact, I have a lots of loans with them. I borrow their money for my medicine, lols. Now they don’t have money anymore because of me. 

Friends is my other wings. I am coward most of the time. I am not a person who is full of strength. I earned that strength on the right time, in the right scene, for the right situation. My friends are there to literally have my back when I collapsed. They will tell me who I am from what they know about me. They will tell the right words for me to get stronger. They will show the real me because they know the exact me after all. They are the ones reminding me that I have been through a lot and I will get through it all again. 

Lucky are the person who have a best friend, but I am luckier I have too. God gave me them because they know I will be having a tough challenges in life and I am given to them because there is something with me that could help them solve their problems too. If you have one or many, you need to love them. You need to keep the friendship as friends are God’s gift to you. Friends are blessing and be a blessing to your friends too.

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  1. JoDee Stout

    Most of my friends are on-line friends. I think that is good, because we are friends through writing sites. Writing sites that we share are inner most feelings that we don’t usually share with “real” friends because they may judge us. On-line friends are just like friends you see every day except it’s through the internet.

  2. Candice Quigley

    I would say the less friends the better because less means more value and worth. The more friends the more controversial issues. Have a few good friends is my motto.

  3. Grecy Garcia Post author

    @stoutjodee for sure if we are meeting offline sis we never stop talking about everything and I am always at your house, eating all your food and you are pushing me to the door to get home while I am chewing.

    @cxndie there are different levels of friends. Those who are super close to you and those who you have in groups but they have their own people they are close with. It is good you know a lot of good people around you but keep those who really knows you.

  4. Andria Perry

    I have had best friends that moved away and then we slowly drifted apart. I have one best friend even though I don’t hear from that friend often, I know they hear me and I feel them.

  5. Suny

    I don’t have many friends but the ones I have are my solid friends. I can ask for their help at 4 in the morning.

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