Why does Snoring Occur?

Every one of us wants a sound sleep at night and will not like if anyone else sleeping along with us snores. But, as per statistics available, every fourth person in the world snores in his sleep, and it does not depend either on age or on the concerned person. This figure is an average, as young people snore less. As we advance in age, sleep disorders become more and more frequent.

And after sixty years of age, almost seventy percent of the people belonging to both sexes are equally affected by interruption of breathing during sleep. In general, it was believed that in the case of old people, snoring acted as a special sign of remarkable human health as well as the spilling over of their energies. And that’s true, the negative impact of snoring on the health was open, unfortunately, only very recently, and it happened mostly by accident.

If you look in general, snoring is a disease where the disease is not curable. Sound sleep wears muscle under the influence of nasal air flow in the human upper respiratory tract, which leads to a narrowing of the space for the course of the air. This situation forces the lungs to suck air and the resulting stronger as a result, the flow of air causes the tissues to vibrate the nasopharynx, which emit a loud sound called snoring.

In the role of other factors that impede the normal flow of air can act polyps, enlarged tonsils, adenoids are overgrown, the weakening of the thyroid glands as well as the most common cold. In addition to these causes snoring can be caused by the cases of acquired or congenital curvature of the nasal septum, and the pathology of the lower jaw, when it occurs too forward or conversely, sinks back.


  1. N Sri Naga Jyothi

    this is definitely respiratory problem, it can be cured if they do yoga, there are few pose and respiratory exercise for this. If they do practice under the guidance of a master then it will be cured. Not only snoring problem but also many other respiratory problems.

  2. Pat Z Anthony

    We read that yoga may help some who snore. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone who was disturbed during sleep by this would just be able to stop.

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