Why I Blog & Why I Write in Forum?

To earn a penny in online writing, you may have generally two possible opportunities to select upon, either a forum writing or blog writing.

The Difference Between Forum & Blog

Let’s take the difference between the two. Forum, according to webopedia, is referred to an online discussion group which based on their interest or line of services offered. These “online services and bulletin board services” (BBS’s) are providing a variety of forums for their members or participants with a common line of thinking in which they can exchange “open messages”. They have an admin and the moderators to control the flow of the discussions and to handle the hot issues undertaken.

Blog, on the other hand, is referred to a web page of a personal journal of an individual who gives an account of his day-to-day life’s activities. It could also be referred to an online marketing arm of a group of business entrepreneurs, technologists, educators, etc. whose activities are being taken up on their respective discussion forums.


As to their usability, a forum is easier to join and to participate in the discussion, than that of the blog. Thoughts and ideas in the forum could be expressed in one or two sentences, while the blog generally requires a minimum of 300 words.

Paying Capacity

As to earning purposes, the forum’s participants get easily paid, while the blog’s members who to do a tedious posting of articles until they reach the minimum cash out to claim. As to form, a forum is simple compared to the blog which has set a requirement and a limit to every user.


As to application, I have created my first blog sometime in 2011. As I go along and as it gains more followers and huge page viewers, I created 6 more blogs of different niches. My purpose of creating them is to put my ideas on various topics and themes on the Internet for my friends and associates to read and at the same time I am using my skill of writing which it has developed to be my passion . Actually, I created them not for earning money online.

I started participating in forum discussion when one of my Internet friends, I just call her, Shane, urged me to join in forum discussion for it is easy to earn a penny. I gave it a try for I trusted her. As of this writing, I have participated in 7 forums. It is, as I’ve said easy to earn a penny. The only problem is forum doesn’t have enough capital or financial capacity to sustain its user. Forum usually is closing shop.

image: The author working at the laptop


    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      They appeared so easily and vanished immediately. The don’t last long as often as the blog can.

  1. S.L. Luna

    I don’t have much time for forums but its healthy when you have time, easier to connect and get your message across, network and get paid. I still prefer blogs, they are more formal and the posts you make remain to your credit giving authority over time while forums close indiscriminately .

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      Forums are short-lived in existence. They mushroom by fad and trending. But they usually get out from the web circulation once the members don’t get paid.

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