Music in My Heart: I Wrote a Song for My High School Sweetheart

My Singing Doll” is my first song composition. I wrote it when I was studying in high school 46 years ago. Singing was one of my favorite hobbies, as was strumming the guitar. I didn’t have a good voice, nor was I an expert guitar player. I just sang and played music during my leisure time, when I was with my clique.

Since we had a music class in our school, I seriously became interested in music. I developed a skill for reading music and plotting the notes on a musical staff. That interest developed my self-confidence enough for writing the melody of a song, and eventually for writing the lyrics too. I started strumming my guitar, singing a tune for a song. From there, I could write the tune and the lyrics of the song.

“My Singing Doll” was composed in a simple and easy tone of a music. The lyrics were a definite expression of love for my high school sweetheart. I presented the said song to one of the music teachers in our high school. She listened to me while I was singing. She took the musical piece and played it on the piano. Then she gave her evaluation.

The song is uploaded to my video blog. For those who are interested in listening to it, you may visit my blog. Just search it on the web, UnderDogCuts.


    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      Not so much. I sing to my heart’s delight. It is just a past time or diversion of the hectic activities I have every day.

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