Why I Join the Mormon Church?

The two full-time missionaries of the Mormon Church visited our humble nipa house sometime in 1976. They had taught me the basic lessons about the first principles and ordinances of the Gospel. But they failed to convert me for they hadn’t come back to our house after one of the missionaries accidentally broke the bamboo stairs and improvised entrance of our shanty house near the big canal just across the sugarcane plantation.

It took 4 years for another pair of missionaries to visit me in my parent’s house. I hadn’t rebuilt that improvised shanty for my parents offered their house for us to reside. Then we bid their request and transferred until Elder Crossley, an American, and Elder Tolentino, a Filipino retaught the basic church lessons to me.

It was sometime in April 1980 when Elder Tolentino brought me down to the water of baptism and Elder Crossley confirmed me as the new member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. However, before my formal baptism, I referred my scheduled baptism to my late mother whom she didn’t oppose for, according to her, she didn’t find something wrong with the Mormon’s faith.

I couldn’t explain my extraordinary feeling as the lesson taught me gradually unfolded before me. The longer the lesson was presented to me, the greater and intense feeling I had had to join the Church. I was indeed converted by the Holy Ghost that the Church is true.

Now I am a faithful member for 36 years.


  1. Pat Z Anthony

    We have friends and family members who are part of the Mormon community. Through these, we have met many really nice people who are faithful to their beliefs.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      Sometimes Mormon people are misunderstood. They think their belief is far from what the Bible teaches. They are even called as Anti-Christ which they aren’t.

  2. Gil Camporazo Post author

    We do respect other people’s faiths and beliefs. There is no need to argue about it, to degrade or belittle them. We know people of different faith have their agency to believe what is theirs. Everyone has a freedom of religion and we should respect it.

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