Why I Love and Hate the Rain

Rain is a wonderful creation that God has ever created, Science teaches us on how it is made of. Stories tell us that it is the gift of nature. For in whatever we believe, we know that rain is essential to all living things, especially to the plants. It is the source of life. Rain is composed of water like diamond’s falling from the sky. Rain is categorized by the volume of the downpour. For example, we have heavy rain and typhoons to name a few.

What I love about rain is that they help in nurturing the plants. Rain is essential to the growth of plants in the forest. Rain is important to the farmers that have no irrigation after a long summer. A joyous sight to behold for a child to be able to sing, dance and play in the rain. A moderate rain is what I want. If God would grant my wish. I wish that rain will fall only at midnight when I’m already sleeping and then rain would stop at four in the morning when I’m about to wake up. A selfish wish. That is all.

What I hate about rain is when it is heavy and would last for a long time which is always the case when our country hits rainy season. When the rain started Many people catch diseases by a mostly flu. Schools started announcing cancelled and suspension of classes. The roads are flooded that causes a number of accidents and road congestion resulting for commuter’s having a difficulty in finding a transportation because it is scarce. A suffering in everyday life for all that is living in the city.

Too much rain is fatal and dangerous and can be deadly as well. The rain can cause landslides and flooding of the rivers that sometimes can immobilize the trading system and even the communication. The livelihood of the fisherman is unstable because of the bad weather; they cannot go fishing. The crops of the farmers are affected too. Even the livestock suffer for the animal can catch diseases.

It is the weather that I want to blame for all the uncompromising moment in my life that is caused by a rain. But, I fell that this is the work of nature that has been rolling since the beginning of time. Science has the beautiful word on the change of climate. Didn’t we all responsible for all thing that constantly the outcome of what we’ve done. Sometimes, It is better to put blame on something or on someone for all our shortcomings. Let us reflect on ourselves.

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  1. Andria Perry

    I also have the love hate relationship with rain. I know water is life but there are days when I need a dry day and there are night I would love to sleep sound because of the rain.

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