Why is Android popular?

In not so distant past we have not been so familiarity with the concept of an android. Now, in this 2016 it is everywhere. Most of related smart phones do have custom mod or pure android experience and that enables to understand us to know its basics better. Not so distant past most of phones are above all used for send and receive calls as well as small messaging services (SMS). During that time, we hardly felt the importance of android phones but with the advent of android as the primary source of touch enabled smart phones we have found the pre-eminence of android as the most favorable touch-enabled devices. Most of wondered job android can do easily.

No one has ever been thought of perfection of the presence of the android and its prolonged work output within such a tiny device that suprises as much to a greater extent. No one has ever thought of such an easier task management almost similar to that of Windows computer could be easily accessible with android as its mobile operating system. What android has done to a greater extent is to assimilate all such applications in a single ecosystem and continue to provide awesome ways to manage the performance of android operating system comparable to that of any other computers.

Its camera is closely integrated with its gallery and the it can be unloaded to Google drive with ease. Then with the help of applications such as SNS which comes preinstalled with some of major original equipment manufacturers comes ahead and show case some of most outstanding patters of reverse form of cloud computing with each and every photos uploaded to Google Drive can then be downloaded and can be seen in the form of offline viewing and that makes entire performance of android better. What android makes it better is the advent of every technology that enables the functioning of every multimedia messaging system efficiency with strongest parameters of observations to back up every form of data into cloud.

Every part of android can be replaced with its customisations option and that enable the functioning of android more beautiful as with due course of time it shows existences of various customisations options that enable the smoother functioning of android performances that makes entire android the more beautiful and most charming accept of its acceptances from all over the masses. Most of applications management of android can be downloaded from the central android application eco-system known as Google Play Store which is closely guarded by Google and all of its applications are sand-boxed so that if at all at any point of time there could have been semblance of existence of malware on applications then mere restart of smart phones should remove it.

That is why even to day android devices are more secure than a Windows computer and continue to provide awesome ways to manage applications in its fullest form and capacity. It is building up and more market share due to the advent of strongest applications eco-system which is closely guarded by Google and continue to provide more and more awesome ways to manage applications and continue to provide better applications management all across every form of android devices. The mere form of existential presence of android goes on to show case and provide more and more awesome ways to manage this operating system with its constant Google Services updates makes it the most beautiful operating system that ever been used so far till to date by any mobile operating system.


  1. Vinaya

    Android is popular because android devices are cheap and we have many choices for brands and designs.

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