Philippines: Does Killing Violent Drug Lords Solve the Problem?

More than one thousand drugs users, pushers, and drug lords had been reported arrested and captured since the time that the new elected President Duterte took his oath of office on June 30 as the 16th President of the Philippines. President Duterte didn’t deny this report.

He expressed in his SONA that he didn’t want that the police authorities would resort to killings if those involved in illegal drug business. But if they fight back and resist arrest, the President ordered them to be killed. Killings don’t solve criminalities. Killings don’t stop bad element to pursue their illegal activities.

Murderers, killers, and criminals are not too new to all of us. They do crimes for money. They do it for prestige. They do it to protect themselves and their properties. The first criminal for all we know is Cain in the Biblical times. He killed his only brother Abel due to jealousy and unfairness treatment of the Lord between Abel and him.

The Lord cursed Cain for the crime he has committed. Did Cain stop of doing more criminal acts, killings, and any related murderings? He didn’t. The murder, the killings do keep on proliferating. Well, that is the origin of it. Who can stop it?


    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      Yes, they are bad, but they do deserve to be killed just like an animal. I think they deserve to be heard in the court.

  1. Kyla Matton Osborne

    I agree with you, my friend. Violence only begets violence. I believe it’s actually best to legalize or decriminalize drug possession and to treat drug addiction as the medical problem that it is. This has already been proven to reduce crime rates and help protect children from drugs. It cuts the organized criminals out of the drug business far better than anything that was ever done in the name of the war on drugs.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      You have the right direction, my friend. Humanization those harsh laws on criminalizing the culprits would be in their rehabilitation so to speak.

  2. Sandy KS

    I understand to need for killing drug dealers. It shows a sign it will not be tolerated. However, take away the illegal part and the crime with reduce. Anything else with it will follow in reducing drug crimes.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      The problem of the government is to get rid of those illegal drug traders. To do that, practically, it will start at home and from the very nerve of the concern or the user.

    1. Kyla Matton Osborne

      I don’t think we will ever completely eliminate crime. But actually, the threat of being executed or killed in a shoot-out with police tends to increase the level of violence that criminals will resort to when trying to get away without getting caught. All too often, innocent bystanders – sometimes even little children – are hurt or killed because of this.

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