Why we fear ghosts?

Ghosts are, in some explanations, a wandering souls of the unfortunate people who died in a bad way, being victimized and so, stuck in between two world they call for the justice. These are so called the common ghosts that are easily managed.. You call a priest. He blesses your home. A ghost is gone.

But, there are also the ghosts that refuse to leave the old home and growing more and more annoyed by the human presence in their surroundings they turned to be wicked and evil. These are so called haunted houses with their noisy ghosts and strange sounds and scratching screams that escape through the night.

People are allegedly moved out from the nice expensive houses into more modest environment just to avoid these strange things and to live in the peace with no evil presence around them.

Personally I have never experience anything like this, but I was inspired by one of the writers in here who mentioned that I might look into another direction and beyond the superficial hoax about the ghost and noises they make.

Then, there are this other, the last apparitions that are the most dreadful ones – I think you all watched the Poltergeist. Well, that was an interesting piece of the movie material but it really makes you rethink your priorities. Live well, while you are living.


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