Why we will never pay users for uploading photos?

Photo uploading feature may be a good additional way for users to get rewarded. While we we’re setting this feature, I’m thinking if its really worth it? Yes, it’s really worth it, but as an additional service and not something where users are rewarded.

It’s like saying, “Hey come upload photos on our site, chew up our server resources, and we’ll pay you for that”.

If we reward users for it, the more they are encourage to upload, and the more uploads means more disk space and bandwidth consumed. This means higher bills for us. Its not a problem if we can make profit from those photos to cover the costs, but as of now we haven’t find a good way to market or profit from it

So this brings me to the conclusion to keep “Photo Uploading” feature as a free service for members to enjoy their stay and share  things to the world in a more visual way.

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  1. John

    Well, if this is a Photo Blogging Site,, that might suffice my curiosity to upload tons of photos instead of text and earn an extra income! lol!

    It’s clear this is a blogging site, we use our imaginations using the words, we don’t show the words to visualize it.

  2. marilou luzon

    no more questions about it, u explained well sir 🙂 and i think it is fair enough coz like #John said above, this is a blogging site not a photo blogging site, cheers!

  3. Kyla Matton Osborne

    You make an excellent point about photos using up resources. It’s best for BlogBourne to remain focused on writing and for the photos to just be a “value added” part of the site with no payment issued.

  4. JoDee Stout

    So glad you made it a blogging site. There are several sites that just pay people for sharing photos and such and people liking and commenting on them. It seems like the blogging sites are now far and few. May BlogBourne be a success as a blogging site!!

    1. Ople Dulnuan Post author

      @barbrad Photo essays are good if you have a large network of social media followers to share it and encourage them to view on the site (I have a friend with a photo essays/quotes blog and he’s earning good income from it). Sadly, crawlers don’t check for text on images (unless you add all the text of the photo essay as a caption for the image). Since many I’m sure won’t easily get this, it’s better to keep it this way.

    1. Ople Dulnuan Post author

      @barbrad Yes they do, including the image title (ex. why-we-will-never-pay-users-for-uploading-photos.jpg) The image title, caption, alt text, and description are crawled. The problem is that most users can’t even be bothered to improve their images/photo for SEO. By the way, the “Photo Uploading” feature I’m talking about on this article is not the capability to add photos in an article, but the freedom to upload and save photos like people are used to on social media. You may take a look on yours here: http://www.blogbourne.com/members/barbrad/photos/

      I hope this helps.

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