Why writers don’t get opportunity

Why we don’t get opportunity in online website that pay for blogging when we try so hard? This is burning topic for every online writer I know. First question when I talk to somebody online is – did you find something new. But writing opportunities that pay are rare and they give very few cent for a hard daily job. This is what drive people away in the questionable markets of fraud and scam.

Fraud is not only case when person willingly cheat on other. Scam is not only case when person buy things on eBay but get photo of it instead of material item. This is allegedly latest scream in fashion of scammers. Imagine person can scam and fraud if help fraud with no knowing. Not fault I agree, but still helping and effort is waste then.

I sometimes think that scammer may have even other type of clothing fashion, they don’t wear natural fiber clothes but something special. Something desperate and fashionable cute, like colorful drags or something else from Lewis Carroll fairytale that make them  look like painted coyote. What’s that my good people? Scamware special autumn edition with crazy tee for free. In real life they may be anyone, from respectful parents and people in suit and tie, or some hooligans who paint street walls with incomprehensible drawings and alternative art… Well, that is good flavored type and can think this is all for money, they have children to feed too, so I leave not thinking about it.  But others are no good  for anything usually live life online with no social skills in real.

But online is always a danger that invested work might pour in black hole, together with expectation. Even valid good opportunity then slowly fades and unrecognizably vanish without reaching true potential. In reducing the potential risks and find more opportunities, we diversify ourselves to find the real golden opportunity. All this on mercy of who know what kind of cunning person running that website. All that for cents, and then our ten days of work deleted with no explanation demanding our obedience and being nice? How can it be?

This is one thing I learn in my short time online by earning in writing. If one want to make things work in advantage, be wise and chose potential good methods for present skills. Not  wish. My wish is everything, but I can make few things right. This is called finding opportunity. But keeping it is important. Choosing between honest and dishonest is another. I chose now honest opportunity with realist expectation of work that fit my skill.

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  1. Pat Z Anthony

    Some of us have been working online for many years. Some sites did just disappear without notice. It is hoped by keeping the rules the way they are on this site, we can see a difference and writers will be satisfied with the results.

  2. Gil Camporazo

    For me there is no such thing as opportunity. Opportunity as it has been said knocks only once. If there is actually an opportunity, it may be not for you. It if is for you, you are not ready for it. So better create an opportunity that would work for you. If you are a skillful writer, share your write-ups to the Net or through your own website. Anyone who is searching the Net would come across them and be convinced. Now, you may wonder why there are many would be emailing you to write for them or to make a review for their product, service or whatever. This is what I mean.

  3. Tania K Cowling

    There are websites who pay upfront for content, but you must take tests and have published credentials to apply. I partake in a few, but so wish we had our writing outlets from previous years that have gone one by one. Those let us write on topics that were truly fulfilling. I’m hoping BB will become the newest writing outlet of this type.

    1. Gil Camporazo

      Sad to know as of this writing, BB’s members seem to be lukewarm. Some are already inactive. But for me, I do persist in visiting this site.

  4. Jo Pin

    Not every opportunity is right for everyone. We have to know what we wants and what works for us. Some writing sites, appear and disappear after having abilities to lure members of payments that are completely untrue. That left us with a big question mark.

    1. Your Seldom Majesty Post author

      I know my limits, so my focus is on non complex tasks or websites. If help is offered it is big plus.

    2. Gil Camporazo

      You are right. There are lots of opportunity for online writers but some are not suited to their expertise.

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