Will Fat Consumption help you Lose Weight?

Diets low in fat are not the solution or to drop weight or to keep a healthy lifestyle. Although it sounds shocking, that was the conclusion of a study carried out recently. The conclusion of this study is that we should modify the suggestions given by the World Health Organization, according to which our fat consumption should not exceed 35 percent of our every day diet. The recommendations should focus on the healthy benefits that eating foods in their natural form, regardless of the amount of fat it contains.

The study says that a healthy diet includes less carbohydrates and less attention to calories. The study advocates inclusion of avocados, dairy products and meat among other foods high in fat in the diet. There are people who support the conclusions of this study. A personal trainer has said that fatty acids help burn fat in the middle region, resulting in a flatter stomach.

He also added that healthy fats fill us and shoot enzymatic reactions that help us activate the metabolism. At the same time, not everyone is so convinced of the benefits of fats. One doctor said that the report is full of opinions and ideas. He also opined that a serious review of the evidence is not necessary to take the study seriously.  For his part, a nutritionist said that, of all the evidence, telling people to cut carbohydrates, consume more fat and ignore calories is irresponsible.

The truth is that fat, despite its bad publicity, are necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Fats are not bad; they are not to blame for all problems, but the people who feed irresponsibly. Few people know that fats provide a lot of energy; they are also an integral part of cell membranes, which are involved in cell regeneration, help the growth and make the skin and hair look better. They stimulate the immune system and are required to absorb vitamins. 

Image credit : pixabay


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